Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Young Woong Story

This is the story about a boy name "Young Woong"

Long time ago, somewhere in Korea, a 15 year old boy bid goodbye to the
city that had raised him, he gathered up a few pieces of luggage, said
goodbye to 8 sisters and 2 parents who loves him deeply, he got on the
train to Seoul, his family cried at the sight of his back walking away,
the boy heard his loved ones crying for him, but he was afraid to look
back, because he knew if he looked back, he wouldn't have the heart to
leave, but he didn't want to throw away his dream, plus he didn't want
his family to see his tears. Just like that, with a very thin jacket in
a freezing winter, for the sake of his dream, the boy left his home
town for the first time in 15 years, to a big city he's only seen in
his dreams.

Finally, the train has stopped, the boy got off of the train, as he
looked at this strange yet fancy city and all its glory, busy streets,
limelights, he's never seen anything like this before. He felt his
heart grow weak because it was so overwhelming. Really.. can he really
find his place in a city like this? The boy hesitated, his faith was
But, the dream he has in his heart can't die, if he just goes home like
this, he'll never forgive himself for being such a weak coward, so,
without any help or anyone, the boy found himself an apartment the size
of a tuna can.. and call it home.

SM Entertainment, the biggest music entertainment company held its
second singing contest, the boy went, in the lobby, he saw so many
other boys are that just like him, hoping to get picked through this
contest so they can be on their way to a great singer, all the boys
were well dressed, they were wearing the hippest clothes, with high-end
mp3 players in their ears as they practice. The boy looked down on his
plain grey t-shirt and jeans, he felt like he has already lost half of
the battle.

He was contestant number 12, he walked into the audition room, there
sits 5 stone cold expressionless judges, he was a nervous, until a
judge asked him to open his mouth and sing.
Just like that, his voice touched everyone in the room, that voice, was
by the far the purest, the softest they've heard, when you listen to
his voice, you can't help but feel this sadness and tons of emotions,
but even so, you want to continue to listen to his voice, forever and
forever, just be loss in the sound of his voice. But still, his voice
was too soft, too weak.

The reason the boy won the contest because he has a flawless face,
perfect skin, long eyelashes, delicate features that are even prettier
than a girl's, big watery eyes, pouty lips, and that white as snow
skin. They said his face was born to be in the entertainment business.
He got signed by SM, with a 7 year contract, two years of training, he
has to pay for all of his music, dancing and other classes. The next
five years he would actually become an entertainer, seeing himself that
much closer to his dream, the boy signed the contract, knowning in the
next two years, his life will be extremely hard, hard like he's never
experienced before, but he knows this is his dream, so he can not give
So he begun those two grueling years, he knew his family isn't well
off, so he's never asked his parents for a penny, everyday he jumped in
between 3 different jobs, *when everyone else was still sleeping, the
printer will drop off a stack of newspaper that are as heavy as he is,
he would ride an old bike and deliver those newspapers door by door. ~In
the afternoon he would jump from construction site to construction
doing temporary work, that gorgeous face is being covered those pounds
of cement and dirt, he had to suppress his beautiful voice because he
wanted to be liked by his superior. After his music lessons early
afternoon, in order to save a few dollars, he walks 3 hours to his
waitressing job at a restaurant, he quietly does his job, quietly takes
on everything a 15 year shouldn't. quietly doing everything he can to
get through these two rough years. All for the day he will be
surrounded by bright lights.

The boy did everything he could, but he still couldn't manage three
meals a day, every time he gets his salary, the first he does is pays
for his lessons, even if the left over isn't nearly enough for him to
eat or buy any clothes. Finally one day, the boy realized he didn't
have any money left for food, he had been starving for two days, his
weak body shouldn't even be walking, but with the pressure of he has to
pay for his classes, he still went to work. That night, when he was
cleaning a table at the restaurant, he saw a customer has left more
than half bowl of his noodle soup, it was still hot, he couldn't take
the hunger anymore, his hands were shaking.. he picked up a spoon and
started to eat the left over noodles.. huh. He wonders why it starts to
taste so salty.. then he realized it was his tears.. has dropped down
in the bowl with out him realizing.

One the day, the boy got sick, he was running a high fever, he laid in
his tiny little apartment for three straight days, thank god he already
paid for his lessons, but he's short 3 days worth of pay, so once
again, the boy dragged his fragile body, walked three hours to his
restaurant job.
On the way back, he saw a blood donating booth, his stomach growled at
him, the boy once again did something he didn't want to.. he walked
inside.. after an hour, he came out with a few bills in his hand,
dragged his lifeless body into a store and bought the cheapest pack of
cracker there is.

Finally, he got through these two years, he was chosen to be in a group
of five, the company have announced that this is going to be one of the
best group of all times. Even though the five boys are very different,
but the company believe that together, they will be perfect. The boys
thought he was so lucky to be chosen in such a group, at the same time,
being the oldest, he got four younger "brothers" who adores him.
When they put out their first EP, even though there are only two songs
on there, they topped the charts in Korea, also broke the fact that EP
doesn't sell well in Korea, the boy finally got a taste of success, as
he sees more and more fan letters everyday, he knew everything in the
past two years was worth it.
But nothing's perfect, good times are always short, it's cruel
actually. The first time they held their fan meeting, the people that
came were fans of other members, watching lines of fans lined up in
front of other members, there's not even a single soul in front of him
self, he wanted to scream and cry, The crew members didn't want to make
things weird, so they dragged a few fans in front of the boy. The boy
held his sadness, starting talk to the female fan girl. But the fan
girl coldly threw him " I was forced to stand in your line, I don't
even like you".. his heart was shattered again. But he didn't cry, he
rather bit his lip and let it bleed, but he doesn't want to cry in
front of anyone. Especially himself. The boy didn't know why the fan didn't
like him, but what he doesn't know is that his fans were still waiting
outside the building because the meeting room was full.. their hearts were
shattering along with his.

Once he found out online that it's not that others don't like him nor
he did anything wrong, but because he's just too pretty.. even the
girls are jealous.. reading this silly gibberish, the boy chuckled. He
never gave up, everyday he puts on his sincere smiley face to public,
hoping and praying that others will see him for who he really is, hear
his voice. But the harder he try the more pressure he felt. Whenever he
makes a mistake during performances, it makes him nervous, because he's
scared that others will dislike him even more because of it. So little by
little. The boy stopped smiling in front of the camera, watching his
every action and words.
But because of it, the fans were chatting he's pretending to be too
cool, so the company should consider switching him out.. he was
seriously scared, he didn't want leave this place that was practically
his 2nd home, but he understand that he's just a "body" that makes
money for the company, if the consumers are tired of this body, then
the company must switch the body out for new one. He didn't get
switched, he found out that his fans roamed the streets in his honor
for days, begging the company to keep him in the group. Also, the
maknae of the group, chang min, despite what the manager forbids him to
do, begged in front of the camera, that if the company takes the boy
away, he will tear up his contract and go back to being a high school

The boy cried, he knows that everyone in this group has a passion for
music, Chang min the youngest, just like him, has gone through hardship
to get to where he is today. The boy cherished everything he has even
more, he begins to practice harder and harder, to thank his fans, also
he wanted to show his best to his fans that loves him. During concerts,
the boy always looks around in the audience, the director said that
looks funny when he sings, said it's better for the singer to
stare at one particular spot when he sings, but he can't do that,
because he wants to see the face of every single fan out there, even if
the picture captured of him was ugly, he doesn't care.

Once during dance practice, the boy fell.. he thought it was normal to
fall when dancing. But this time he couldn't get back, his knees was
hurting like crazy, he balled up and started shaking in the corner of
the room, the leader, Yun ho, with out saying a word, carried the boy on his
back and took him to the nearest hospital, at the split second that the
emergency room door was closing, the boy saw four familiar figures on
the other side of the door. Worrying for him, praying for him.
The doctor said his right knee is pretty much gone, he needs surgery
as soon as possible and it's a major surgery so he needs to rest for a long time
post-op, but the boy refused, the 2nd day after his surgery, he arrived
at the Seoul Olympic stadium with the rest of the members, like his
schedule, he met with his fans, before the meeting, Yun ho was by his
side all the time, didn't leave his side for even a second. During the
fan meet, they asked what does Chang min want for new years, Chang min's
answer " I wish for hyung to get better soon"
The boy hates crying, he looked down, tried his hardest not to let his
tears fall, he finally looked at the fans, he saw them crying for him,
his heart was breaking, he picked the microphone and said " I'm not
hurting at all, really, please don't cry for me, let's face each other
with smiles, please?" this is the first the boy has lied to everyone,
it was within 24 hours of his surgery, how can it not hurt? But he
toughed it out, for the love he has for his fans.

He finally recovered, he celebrated with his friends, on the drive
home, he was pulled over by the police for drinking and driving, Yun ho
came to pick him up at the police station with out a word, but the boy knew
he has disappointed Yun ho and others.

The boy was kept in silence by the company for two weeks, he knows that
this is actually the lightest punishment for his foolish actions, and
he knew his member have begged the company many many times, so that
he's not going to get kicked out. Because of it. He insisted in the
next fan meet, he will apologize to everyone. That was the first time
the boy has shed tears in front of his fans, .. when his fans said that
they forgive him and they still love him.

The boy started to get more and more popular, people started seeing him
for more than just a gorgeous face, he's a passionate musician with a
beautiful voice and he's a brave soul who isn't afraid to face his
mistakes. Three simple words " we forgive you " from the fans gave him
all the faith he needed to carry on.

This boy, is Kim Jae Joong, a member of the hottest group in Korea.
Dong Bang Shin Ki. The company gave him the stage of name of Young Woong Hero Jae Joong.
So whenever the boy wants to cry, he reminds himself he can't.. because
he's Hero Jae Joong and a Hero doesn't cry.. a hero will fight 'til the
end and win the battle.

Once a Dong Bang Shin Ki fan said that the first time she saw Jae Joong, she thought
his name couldn't possibly be Hero because it didn't suit his fragile
image, but she knows now why his name is Hero, because underneath his beauty,
lies the soul of a true hero.

I've reading this story many times and I would cry every time I read it...
Young Woong Jaejoong u're the REAL HERO!~ ^_^

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Malangnye nasib...

X tau la kenape malang sgt nasib aku semenjak 2 3 menjak ni...
lepas satu2 perkara buruk berlaku...haissshh
mule2 bln april lalu, aku ngan mama aku kena tipu ngan customer...RM100+ jugakla kitorang rugi...
memang x sangka langsung customer tu sanggup tipu kitorang...yelah tgk muka baik...bile bercakap lak dgr mcm org ber"ada" dia pakai semuanye yg mahal, yg besar...rumah besar,kete,takat RM100+ tu ape la sgt kan?...tapi rupenye yg "ado"...barang dah ambik,tapi sampai ke hari ni duitnye x nampak2,orgnye pun ntah kemane...agaknye selame ni pun keje dia menipu org kot?tu yg ble pakai semua besar2,mahal2?...ape yg penting aku ngan mama aku memang x halalkan semua barang yg dia ambik tu...pakai lah barang HARAM tu ye...

Then dalam pertenggahan bln april aku ade order barang online...cadang barang tu aku nak bagi sbgai birthday present kat kawan aku...aku order barang ready stock pasal nak beli barang pre-order takut x sempat lak,pasal selalunye barang2 pre-order ni ambik mase sebln lebih hampir 2 bln gak nak sampai ke tangan...tapi yg peliknye aku rase mcm aku order barang pre-order, 3 minggu aku tunggu, x sampai2...birthday kawan aku pun dah lepas (kesian dia T.T)...bile aku tanye bdk tu, bile aku bleh dpt barang aku tu...dia kate barang yg aku order tu supplier dia dah jual kat org lain...WHAT???

bayangkan la dah 3 minggu aku tunggu, tu jawapan yg aku dpt...ok fine aku nak refund...tapi sampai ke hari ni x dpt2 lagi duit aku tu...mcm2 alasan la bdk tu bg...kad bank dia rosak la kena buat baru la...lepas ni agaknye dia bagi alasan x jumpe bank lak kot?...

14 mei yg lalu lak aku ngan ayah aku jatuh motor...mase on the way nak balik rumah,tetibe nampak kaca besar2 bertaburan kat tepi jalan...ayah aku bwk motor mase tu xdela laju,dia cube elak2 kaca tu tu,tapi disebabkan terlampau banyak sgt kaca2 tu elak mcm mane pun kena jugak...mula2 aku dengar bunyi tayar belakang mcm bunyi tayar pancit,dalam hati aku kate "betul ke tayar pancit?"...aku tgk motor jalan mcm ok je...then tetibe je tayar blakang meletup,ayah aku try kawal motor ngan kaki dia tapi terbabas jugak kat tepi divider...

"penjenayah" yg menyebabkan aku jatuh motor
mase jatuh tu aku mcm sedar x sedar,mcm mamai je...nak bangun pun rase x larat,kepala rase berat je...tapi aku try jugak bangun,aku duduk kat atas jalan,aku bukak helmet then pelan2 aku berdiri...mase aku berdiri tu kepala rase pening,raba2 kepala ade bengkak sikit...then aku pun duduk la kat atas divider tu...check siku ade luka sikit,nasib baik la aku pakai sweater klau x mesti teruk pnye luka...mase tu ramai org yg berhenti dan membantu kitorang...tetibe dtg sorg abg ni tanye kat aku "ok ke?" dgn mamai aku jawab "kepala pening sikit"...dorang masing2 semua nak tawarkan bantuan,ade yg nak tolong bawak pegi klinik,ade yg nak tolong belikan dan tukarkan tayar...memang rase terharu jugak la mase tu...yelah x sangka ramai yg sudi membantu...terima kasih pada anda semua yg terlibat pada hari tu
and dalam mase yg same aku rase bersyukur sgt2 sebab aku ngan ayah aku x ape2,cume luka2 ringan je...tapi dekat seminggu jugak la kitorang sensara sakit2 badan,jalan pun terhinjut2...

hope lepas ni xde lagi la malang yg menimpa aku...amin...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Si "A" dan Si "R"

Sape si “A” dan si “R”?

Mesti korang tertanye2 kn?hehehe…
Sebenarnye si “A” dan si “R” ni adelah 2 jejaka yg melekat kat dalam hati aku ni (melekat mcm kena gam ngn gam gajah XD)

Dorg berdua ni berasal dari Taiwan,mempunyai perwatakkan yg sgt berbeza (mcm langit ngn bumi la, tapi klau bergabung “meletup” mcm adam ngn stacy XD)
dorg berdua ni ade ciri2 lelaki idaman aku (ade sgt2 XD)dan dorg ni ade keistimewaan yg tersendiri…

First aku nak cite psl si “A” dulu…

Si “A” atau name sebenar dia Andy Chen Yi,berasal dan dilahirkan di Taipei,Taiwan pada  16 October  1986,Penyanyi dan pelakon… in secondary school dia sekolah kat kanada…

Seblum dia jadi artis,dia popular dalam cyber world ngn name “ZeroPointSix” (0.6)

Aku memula kenal dia mase aku “ter”tgk MV dia bertajuk "Yi An Lian Wo" kat 8tv ke kat Astro???x sure huhu ,thn brape pun x ingat,rase2 2006 kot??? yg membuatkn aku tertarik nak tgk MV dia tu pasal imej dia dalam MV tu mcm Elf  XD....dia pakai telinga palsu mcm hobbit dalam cite lord of the rings tu huhuhu…then aku “ter”tgk dia lagi skali dalam show Guess Guess Guess…pastu terus dok terbayang je muke dia huhuhu…

Mula2 dulu dia bergerak solo,ngn imej dia berambut panjang,sweet je (mcm pompuan pun ade gak aku tgk dia ni masa tu XD) then start thn 2009 dia bergabung ngn kawan dia Kris Shen,dorg tubuhkan group “AK” (Andy Kris)

Cite pasal perwatakkan dia lak,dia ni jenis happy go lucky orgnye,senyum je memanjang (suke tgk dia senyum pasal nampak gigi arnab dia XD XD) then dia nampak manja,pemalu,klakar dan sopan, tapi kekadang bleh tahan gak clumsy dia ni XD

Dia ni stylo,suke cube fesyen mcm2 fesyen,paling stylo rambut dia,style rambut dia yg paling latest, style spiky then dia colourkan rambut dia colour merah (mcm berapi je aku tgk rambut di kerkerker XD)

Dia ni rajin bergambar dan suke amik gambar yg pelik2 XD

Dah banyak kali dia dtg m’sia…thn ni je dah 2-3 kali dia dtg…tapi aku x berkesempatan lagi nak jumpe dia…hopefully one day dpt la jumpe dia ^_^

Pasal family background dia lak aku x tau,aku Cuma kenal mak dia je,tu pun pasal dia pos gambar dia ngn mak dia kat facebook AK…mak dia cantik sgt ^_^ no wonder dia good looking…bapak dia atau adik beradik dia x pernah Nampak lak,tapi aku rase dia ni anak tunggal kot…

Drama pertama lakonan dia yg aku tgk “Bad/Mean Girl Ah Chu” (E nu ah cu) dia berlakon sebagai Gui Hao Ran (Gui Wa)…dah 2 kali tgk cite ni,memang best ^_^ comei je dia dlm cite ni…

Setakat ni x pernah dgr lak gosip pasal dia bercinta ngan mane2 artis pompuan or mane2 pompuan la…x pernah dgr lagi yg dia dah ade girlfriend…tapi yg aku tau dia dah ade wife,wife dia org Malaysia kihkihkih (mode prasan aku dah dtg)

gambar dia mase study kat kanada ^^


Skrng nak cite pasal si “R” lak…

Si “R” atau name sebenar dia Roy Chiu/Qiu Ze, berasal dan dilahirkan di Taipei,Taiwan pada 14 October 1981,Penyanyi,pelakon dan model…dia memegang kedudukan tinggi dalam pasukan volleyball sekolahnye mase dia berade di sekolah menengah dan terpilih sebagai pemain bola kebangsaan. Dia belajar di Taipei's Sports Institute then lepas tu dia masuk dalam industri hiburan masa dia di tahun 1 di Universiti.…di jepun dia dikenali sebagai “Taiwanese Takky” pasal muke dia ade iras2 mcm Hideaki Takizawa…tapi kat Taiwan fans dia gelar dia “Orlando Bloom Taiwan”…dia ade “kembar”,name” kembar” dia Mike He (He Jun Xiang)…muke dorg ni memang sejibik,ramai yg ingat dorg ni adik bradik and slalu konfius ngn dorg ni,roy chiu dorg panggil mike he,mike he dorg panggil roy chiu huhuhu…aku nak sgt tgk dorg berlakon together,jadi adik bradik kembar ke ^^

Dia ni aktif dalam bidang sukan especially sukan lasak, mcm main volley ball,Racing kete,Go-kart,mendaki gunung,terjun bangunan pun ade gak…

Perwatakkan dia ni pemalu dan pendiam,org kate dia ni sentiasa “calm” and “cool” tapi sebenarnye dia ni rocker yg sensitif,dia mudah menangis…dia nampak sgt penyanyang dan suke kan budak2 ^^

Mula2 aku kenal dia dulu masa aku “ter”tgk drama Easy Fortune Happy Life,aku tgh tukar2 channel tv,dgn  tetibe ternampak lak mamat ni,terus melekat tgk cite tu hehehe…dalam cite ni dia berlakon sebagai Han Dong Jie…watak dia ala2 mcm ah long tapi ah long yg sopan dan baik hati ^^

Dulu dia muncul sebagai penyanyi,tapi kerjaya nyanyian dia mcm x brape menjadi,sebab dia x puas hati ngan konsep album dia sendiri…dia ni berjiwa rock,so dia banyak compose lagu2 yg memang berjiwa dia ,tapi record company dia reject kebanyakkan lagu2 yg dia cipta,sebab dorg pentingkan permintaan pasaran,so dia terpaksa la menyanyi lagu2 ballad yg mendayu2…bile album tu kluar dia luahkan perasaan dia,dia kate album tu totally “bukan” dia…

Pada tahun 2006, Roy menghilang diri dari dunia hiburan untuk melaksanakan khidmat negara... then dia buat comeback ngan drama Invincible Shan Bao Mei

Setakat ni yg aku tau dah 3 kali dia putus cinta,dan dia pernah bercinta ngan Rainie Yang (Yang Cheng Lin)…then kluar gosip lak kate dia bercinta ngan Joe Chen (Chen Qiao En) since dorg berlakon together dalam drama Easy Fortune Happy Life…yg peliknye aku suke sgt tgk dorg ni together,Nampak sweet sgt2,dorg nampak padan berdua,dan aku hope sgt dorg ni betul2 couple…bile reporter tanye dorg deny kan pasal relationship dorg tu,kate dorg just kawan je…tapi sekrng ni dgr cite dorg dah broke up lak T.T tapi roy chiu kate dorg still baik dan still berhubung…x tau la mane satu yg betul…hanya dorg jela yg tau…

Tentang imej dia lak,dia ni jenis simple je,yelah rocker la katekan…tapi dia pakai ape pun Nampak cool ^^

Dia x pernah lagi dtg m’sia…bile la agaknye dia nak dtg?

Pasal family background dia aku x tau dan x kenal langsung sape family dia,tapi yg aku tau dia ade kisah sedih pasal family dia…dia pernah cite kat reporter yg setiap kali dia nak melakonkan babak menangis dia akan ingatkan kisah family dia,tapi bile reporter tu tanye kenape?dia x nak cite lak pasal family dia…ermm kekadang kesian gak tgk dia ni,pasal dia nampak mcm sorg2 je dalam dunia ni,dulu dia ade tulis dalam blog dia,pasal dia celebrate birthday dia sorg2 TT.TT sedeynyeee…

Demikianlah hikayat kisah si “A” dan si “R” bleh la di jadikan  bedtime story lepas ni (mau mimpi ngeri korang ha ha ha)...kedua2nye memang aku minat giler…slalu berangan nak dpt BF mcm dorg ni (berangan jela cik kiah)…setakat ni x jumpe lg la…kuikuikui

Sunday, May 8, 2011

♥ Happy Mama's Day ♥

I don't really know how to express my feeling to today on mother's day i'm gonna express my feeling with this song...
I dedicated this song to my mama, and all mothers around the world ^_^

Happy Mama's Day ^_^

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I love what!

Dah lame aku nk ckp psl benda ni tp malas sbb takut ade yg terasa...
tp bile dibiarkn makin menjadi2 lak isu ni...
sebenarnye aku nk ckp psl isu anti k-pop kt msia ni...
mula2 psl blogers2 yg kutuk k-popers ni...tu still ok lg,masih bleh brsabar...
tp baru2 ni kluar lak article kt surat khabar yg bertajuk "Awasi remaja fanatik Kpop" (WTH???)

nmpak sgt kebanggangan wartawan yg tulis article tu...
dia x sedar ke feedback yg dia akn dpt lepas siarkn article tu?
silap2 bleh x aman seumur idup dia...
article ni sampai masuk dlm livejournal, jadi bahan kutukkan k-popers luar negara
k-popers msia n org msia jgk yg dpt malu...

antara yg terkandung dlm article tu 
"Elak kes bunuh diri akibat obses muzik Korea."
"Kebanyakan remaja tergila-gilakan artis Korea ini menimbulkan kebimbangan masyarakat, tambahan pula artis Korea sinonim dengan kes bunuh diri."

artis korea je ke yg bunuh diri???

"Peminat sanggup berhabis duit."

well actually x semua mcm tu,sanggup brhabis duit...ade gak yg beringat...
klau dorg brhabis duit pn,dorg bknnye mintak duit mak bapak anti k-pop ni...
ade yg ckp x elok minat artis k-pop psl bnyk unsur2 negatif...
abis klau minat artis indonesia yg bragama islam tp peluk/bela anjing...
then ade yg mengandung anak luar nikah...atau minat artis bollywood yg dtg msia mabuk2, maki hamun press n fans...tu x negatif ke??? sesuai ke dijadikn idola/role model???
artis2 hollywood pulak lg la bnyak kesan negatifnye,ramai yg trlibat dgn dadah...
xde lak kluar articel "awasi remaja fanatik artis hollywood"
artis msia pn ape kurangnyee...

then ramai yg kutuk boyband korea gay...
klau dorg btul2 gay pn dorg kacau idup korang ke?
yg korg nk sakit ati sgt ngn dorg tu apesal???

senang cite,xnk baca,jgn baca, xnk tgk, jgn tgk, xnk dgr, jgn dgr...
jaga tepi kain/seluar sendiri...
pada bloggers n press yg kutuk2 ngata psl k-pop and k-popers tu
klau xnk kena senggat jgn jolok sarang tebuan...



nk sejukkn diri jap...pixcha time

 Chenyi kat Hong Kong tp ambik gmbr dgn Jalur Gemilang...
wah bangganyee...pasal wife dia org msia HA HA HA 
(mode perasan)

 cantiknye munggee...

Jaejoong-ah u look so pink...hehehe

Oh my god sun!~~

Sunday, May 1, 2011

10 Things I hate about Kim Jaejoong

1- His angelic look

2 - his white milky flawless skin

3 - His pouty lips

4 - His beautiful eyes

5 - His lovely smile

6 - His shyness

7 - His killer voice

8 - His dorkyness 

9 - His hair

10 - His tiny waist

I hate u KIM JAEJOONG!!!

I hate u bcoz u make me LOVE U SO MUCH!!!~~


XD ^_^ XD