★F.T Island★


Stage Name: Jonghun.
Name: Choi Jonghun.
Position: Lead Guitar, Leader, Piano, Vocal.
Birthday: March 7, 1990
Star sign: Pieces.
Origin: South Korea.
Hobbies: Web Surfing and listening to musc.
Height: 178 cm.
Weight: 60 kg.
Education: Shindongshin Middle Information Industry High School.
Family: Parents.
Sub-Group: F.T Triple (Leader, Keyboard, Vocal).


Stage Name: Honggi,Hongki.
Name: Lee Hongki.
Nickname: Hongstar.
Position: Main Vocal.
Birthday: March 2, 1990
Star sign: Pieces.
Origin: South Korea.
Hobbies: Singing , Playing Soccer.
Height: 176 cm.
Weight: 60 kg.
Education: Seongji High School.
Hobby: Singing, Listening Music, Playing Soccer & Game.
Family: Parents & Younger Sister.


Stage Name: Jaejin.
Name: Lee Jaejin.
Nickname: Black Goat.
Position: Bass and vocal.
Birthday: December 17, 1991
Star sign: Sagittarius.
Origin:    South Korea.
Hobbies: Playing piano, bass, Internet Seaching, Questioning about music to  the music specialist.
Height: 177 cm.
Weight: 58 kg.
Education: Seonyoo High School.
Family: Parents & Elder Sister (Lee Jaejing @ Jaewon)
Sub-Group: F.T Triple (Main vocal, Guitar).


Stage Name: Seunghyun
Name: Song Seunghyun.
Nickname: Song Seungheon, 16 Dimensions.
Position: Rapper, Vocal, Guitar.
Birthday: August 21, 1992
Star sign: Leo.
Origin:    South Korea.
Height: 180cm.
Weight: 60kg.
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Listeng to music and Acting
Family: Parents & Younger brother.
Other Skill: Rap
Best Point:Dimple
Fact: FnC announced seunghyun as new member of FT Island on 29th January 2009.


Stage Name: Minhwan.
Name: Choi Minhwan.
Position: Drums.
Birthday: November 11, 1992
Star sign: Scorpio.
Origin:    South Korea.
Hobbies: Playing drums and eating chicken.
Height: 171 cm.
Weight: 55 kg.
Education: Yanghwa Middle School.
Hobby: Internet, Listening Music
Family: Parents & younger sister.
Group Name: F.T Island.
Sub-Group: F.T Triple (Drums,Rapper).

★F.T Island Facts

FT Island is a 5 member group, that debuted in 2007 with their hit song "Lovesick". The members before were Hongki, Minhwan, Jaejin, Wonbin and Jonghun. However, during the beginning of 2009. Wonbin left the group because he wants to achieve his solo activities, and Seunghyun was put in place.

FT Island has a sub group name "FT Triple". Their name was actually "A3" when they first preformed in one of their concerts in Japan. "FT Triple" or "A3" has 3 members. Jaejin, Minhwan and Jonghun. They were named "A3" because their blood types were all A. They changed their name when they actually debuted with their album "Double Date" which was released on October 26, 2009, with the song "Love letter".

FT Island members have nick names.
Hongki ~ Hongstar
Jonghun ~ Jongshin
or MBC which stands for Margarine Butter Cheese. He was given this nickname because his awkward expressions.
Jaejin ~ Jahjinnie / Goat 
Seunghyun ~ Seungheon / 16 Dimensions 
Minhwan ~ Minari / Minani 

They are all right handed.

Hongki was a child actor.

Minhwan first met Hongki at a acting class.

Out of the 5(6) members of FT Island, 3 of the members have acted in dramas. ^^
First, Jaejin acted in a sitcom called, "Unstoppable Marriage" (2007)
Second, Minhwan acted in a drama called,"The Road Home" (2008) or (2009)
Third, Hongki acted in a drama called, "You're / He's Beautiful". ^^ (2009)

2 members participated in musicals. First it was Jaejin in "Sonagi" then Hongki in "Midsummer Night's Dream" 

 Talking about Seunghyun, the baby has went through many tough times.When he first came into FT Island, there were many antis toward him because there was many loyal fans of Wonbin. There were hateful comments on him. But, finally after a while many people began to like him and he is more happy. 

In terms of age, Minhwan is actually the youngest in the group. He and Seunghyun are born in the same year, but Seunghyun birthday is on August while Minhwan's is in November. Basically, they are both magnaes.
The entire group are born in the 90s. So their average age is pretty young. And in 2007, Minhwan was the youngest celeb in the kpop industry. But afterwards SHINee debuted, Taemin took the place.
SHINee and FT Island are good friends. Apparently, they met in the waiting room.

As for shows, FT Island has a show called, "Hanguel Island". There are 2 seasons. The first season was in 2008 (with Wonbin) in Japan and the second season was in 2009 (with Seunghyun).
The first season talk about them in Japan. They didn't know much Japanese back then.
The second season, they stayed in Korea to film. This is basically a Japanese show because the narrator and the words are in Japanese or speaking Japanese, but F.T Island speaks Korean.