Friday, November 18, 2011

HITZ & Lee Ki Woo

HITZ & Lee Ki Woo, u know them?
what so special about this two artist?
Let me tell ya =D

HITZ, Kpop-like boyband from Indonesia...special about this group is one of their member is originally from Korea...
the member is Lee Jeong Hoon,he's a  korean top model  =D
They have released their fist single "Yes, Yes, Yes"
I've already watched their MV...well not bad,I'm kinda enjoying their song =D

HITZ Profile:

Position: Leader, Dancer, Vocalist & Rapper
Body Height: 187 cm
Language: Indonesian – English – Chinese
History: Professional Actor, Public Figure and Model
Twitter: @IrwanHitz
Facebook: Irwan Chandra

LEE JEONG HOON (Top Korean Model)
Position: Vocalist, Rapper & Dancer
Body Height: 182 cm
Language: Korean – English
History: Professional Model & Public Figure
Twitter: @LeeJH_2107
Facebook: Lee Jeong Hoon Hitz

Position: Vocalist, Rapper & Dancer
Body Height: 184 cm
Language: English – Indonesian
History: Professional Musician & Singer, Architect
Twitter: @FerdinandHitz
Facebook: Ferdinand K. Hitz

Lee Ki Woo Profile:

Name: Lee Ki Woo
Birth date: October 23, 1981
Birthplace: South Korea
University: Dankook University
Major: Business Administration
Height: 192cm
Weight: 78kg
Blood Type: AB

Lee Ki Woo, Korean actor...special about this actor is he's the only one korean muslim artist =D
born in 23 oct 1981,age 30 years old,but lots of people say he has a babyface =D
he's one of the main cast for "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" series...they say this series is so hilarious :D
I've already watched the 1st episode,it's a great series ^_^...i want to continue to watch it but i don't have a time :(
To all k-drama fans,u should watch this series =D

U can watch it here:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Annyeong Kitty!

I've just bought a pair of new's HELLO KITTY LENS =D
diameter 16MM,violet kawaii ^_^ 

can u see the HELLO KITTY there (and jaejoong also XD)? heeehee
i'm so exited to wear this lens,i wanna see how it looks like...
so,for the first time i'm wearing this's really looks cute and also big =D

but,unfortunately my eyes don't feel really comfortable with this lens,not like other lens that i've been wearing before...
becoz the "ring" in the middle of this lens it's toooo small :(
so,when u wearing it u can feels like something is blocking ur view...huhuuuu
now i've been wearing it for several times,but i still feel the same...maybe becoz i'm still not used to it
hopefully it will be more comfortable to wear after 1 or 2 months...
but no matter what...I LOVE IT ^_^