Saturday, January 22, 2011

Photoshoped: Part 2

This is my another photoshoped photo...
and it's the most difficult one, because it have so many layers.

Stock photos that I've been using for this photoshoped:

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

All photos was taken from "All about BDSK photobook"

Photo 6: Cloud strife from Final fantasy wallpaper

Photo 7

Photo 8

I'm just using a blank black color for the background, and combine photo number 1,2,3,4 and 5, I'm using clone tool to create the tree branch and cloud.
Blend it with gradient,adjust the brightness,contrast and color balance...
I'm also use smart blur effect, to make it looks blurry, and burn tool for shadow effect.

I made another one with different color

Which one is better? ^^

Jaejoong: "Number  1,2,3,4 and 5"
Me: "haish...chose only one jaejoong"

Yoochun: "Junchan"
Me: "errr...that's not count"

Changmin: "What should I care?!"
Me: "Yeah u don't care about anything except for food..."

(Stock photos credit: tagged.)

Friday, January 21, 2011


One of my hobby is editing photos and photoshoped...
I'm still new in photoshoping, there's still a lot I have to learn about photoshoped..
I like it because it's fun, even though it's difficult but when u see the result, it's worth it ^^
I'm gonna show u one of my favorite photoshoped photos...

I called this photoshoped it's "YunJae dating secretly in the dark forest" (lol I know the tittle sounds so hilarious XD)
I really love this photos, I've done it just like what I want ^___^v

here is the stock photos that I've been using in this photoshoped.

Stock photo 1: This photo it's from a taiwanese series "Easy fortune happy life" I think about photoshoped and yunjae right after I saw this photo XD

Stock photo 2: Background image, dark forest. Nice photo isn't it? ^^

Stock photo 3: Yunho face

Stock photo 4: Jaejoong face, I crop and horizontal it

Stock photo 5: Angel wing, I crop,duplicate and horizontal

Stock photo 6: What should we call this "tree extension" XD

Stock 7: Crow on a tree, I horizontal it

I'm combine all the stock photos layer by layer and blend with Gradient effect, and adjust the brightness,contrast and color balance till I get the color effect that I want.
I'm also using other tool like burn tool and smudge tool, and cloud filter for smokes effect on the last layer.
It's done, sounds so easy right?well not so easy huhu...
but I'm very satisfied with the result ^^

So,what do u think?  XD


(Stock photos credit: As tagged)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Awak busuk!

Awak busuk! pinjam ayat Noh hujan (huhu macam best lak ayat tu)...
X tau la nape skarang ni ramai org yang busuk, bkn busuk badan tapi busuk hati...
Dunia makin maju,makin canggih tapi ramai org2 yang busuk ni x bleh tgk org senang dan berjaya dari dia...
Mula la cemburu dan dengki, sampai sanggup buat ape saje asalkan dapat menjatuhkan org tu (busuk punye org)...
Kat luar kemain lagi wanggi (sebab pakai perfume) tapi kat dalam BUSUK!...
hai...sedarlah wahai org2 busuk...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inside my room ^^

Today I'm gonna bring u guys goes inside my room...
and see my weird collection (well not really weird actually) huhuhu ^^

First,my wall...
TVXQ in my room XD XD (sorry for the poor pic quality)

First thing that u gonna see when u enter my room is my poster collection ^^
and it's a handmade poster, I crop,print then cantum jadi poster huhu XD

from top

Really love this poster, I got it from Epop (chinese version) magazine...jaejoong look so cute ^^

Poster on another side of my wall, I love to staring this poster whenever I watch TV (I miss them T.T)

On another wall, Lee jaejin handmade poster ^^

Poster on the end of my bed wall, poster from Epop (chinese and malay version) and handmade

Teman tido ^^

belakang pintu pun jadi XD

F.T Island poster on my backdoor, also from Epop (chinese version)

My magazine collection (not so many), my fav magazine was, Epop,Fans,My Colour ( taiwan magazine) Y.Generation and Klik ^^


Cute sandals ^^
the yellow one,I bought it from a bundle shop with only 1 ringgit (barang2 termurah di dunia tokey kedai tu cakap XD) so cheap rite? ^^
and the another one that looks like watermelon XD, I got it from my sister in law.
I've never wore these sandals because it's too cute, sayang nak pakai huhu...

My guitar ^^
Given by my sister in law and my elders brother , I really love this guitar even though I don't really know how to play it XD
but I want to learn it ^^

well I think I've share so many things already XD
enough for now ^^

Daaa... ^___^

Monday, January 17, 2011

My first post yayy ^^

My lovely Kim Jaejoong
Welcome to my blog huhu ^^
I'm shai...I live in shah alam,selangor...
I'm so into kpop and k-boyband...
I'm addicted  to TVXQ especially Kim Jaejoong, I started to like them since 2006,when they held their first concert in malaysia...
I'm also addicted to F.T Island especially Lee Honggi...
other k-boyband that i like which is Super Junior,SHINee and many more ^^
x tau la nape aku minat sgt ngn dorang ni huhu
selain dari dunia kpop aku suke drama2 dari taiwan,drama2 dari korea x brape minat lak huhu tu yg pelik tu
artis2 dari taiwan yg aku minat mcm Andy Chenyi,Roy Chiu,Joe Chen,Jiro Wang and ramai lagi la...
I think that's it for now,x tau ape lagi nak ditulis huhuhu

See u in next post ^^

My photoshoped (take out with full credit)