Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Skin Care: Product for sensitive skin

In this entry i'm not going to share about TVXQ,Kpop or contact lenses...but i'm going to share about skin care...
LOL! so off topic,but who cares it's my blog,so i can share what ever i want huhuhu...

I'm going to share product for the sensitive skin,why sensitive skin?because i had a very2 sensitive skin,so i'm want to share the product that i've been using ^_^

okay let's start with cleanser shall we?


This cleanser is very suitable for sensitive's recommended by doctor... before i use this cleanser my skin have so many acne,because i had a skin looks really terrible T.T
but after i use this cleanser...i can see the difference with my skin...i can see the result in less than 1 month,my face becoming clear with no acne...huhu...u can use this cleanser not just on ur face,but u can use it on all over ur body,including ur head,if u had a scalp problem,then u can use it as a's made from a milk and it's very mild even baby can use it ^^
but if u want to buy this product,make sure u read the bottle/box carefully because it has 2 types,the other one is Lactacyd Intimate Feminine Wash,i'm sure u don't want to put intimate wash on ur face right? LOL! so please be careful ^_^



u think ur face is totally clean after wash it with cleanser?u're wrong huhu...u still need a toner after cleansing ur skin,put a few drop of this toner on ur face cotton,and rub all over ur face and will clean the excess dirt on your face,lightens the acne marks,refine ur pores and it can control ur oil skin problem ^_^



i really love this facial scrub,i'ts not like regular facial scrub,because it's 2 in 1...Facial form + Facial scrub...
it's more gentle and mild than a regular facial it's more suitable for sensitive skin...u even can use it everyday as a daily wash ^_^ 

Kill the acne and sinus


this product is also recommended by's is really effective for those who have serious acne problem,it can kill the germs and bacteria on ur's very cold and soothing,and u will feel itchy a bit while wearing this product =D but it's really works ^_^


effective to clear the new born acne (new born??? lol)... usually it will takes about 1-2 days to clear of ur acne without leaving the acne spot...but it will not effective for serious acne problem ^_^

Acne Marks


this pen is a unique pen =D it can help to lightens ur acne marks in a short time...more effective to use it at night while u sleep ^_^

well that's all i want to share for this time,if u having a sensitive skin problem like me,why don't u try all product above,who knows it might works on u too ^_^

Monday, December 26, 2011



I'm proud to be CASSIOPEIA!
Will always supporting them eternally 
"Always keep the faith"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My twin oppa is sick!~

Jaejoong's Tweet

"There isn't a place that doesn't hurt...everyone please take care of your health"

Omo!~ he's got an eye infection (Hodeolum)...
it looks PAINFUL T.T

Get well soon JJ!
Get some rest!
and eat well!

To all Cassie,let pray for him :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saengil Chukahae Jun-Chan!!!~

Happy Birthday!
Saengil Chuka Hamnida!
Kim Junsu
& his twin brother
Kim Junho

December 15,1986

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big Apichet Kittikorncharoen

WAI RAI FRESHY @ FRESHY HIGH SCHOOL...Suddenly,i've been thinking about this drama series...
it's a very popular Thailand drama series back then,aired in 2002...with the main cast,Aon Lukkana,Ryu Arthit,Nathalie Davies,Dan & Big...they all cute ^_^ especially BIG APICHET
the first reason why i love to watch this drama is because of him...His smile,his cute kitty eyes...awww i miss him soooo much T.T
but sadly this is his last drama...he's already gone,he died in December 9,2007,has been 4 years now T.T
he died because of tragic car accident that happened in July 22,2003...he was driving back from work with his friend, his car overturned and fell into a polluted water...because of that accident,he's been suffering in severe brain infection,he remained in coma for 2 years, according to the doctor,he has only 0.01% chance of recovery,everyone is praying for him,hope he can wake,speak and live like before...but God loved him more than us...
for me,he will still alive in my heart forever!~

Big Profile:

Birth Name: Apichet Kittikorncharoen
Also known as: Big D2B / Big Panrawat
Born: 2 December 1982
Origin: Thailand
Died: 9 December 2007 (aged 25)
Years active: 2001–2003 (singer,member of group D2B)

Miss his lovely smile :(


Big Apichet Kittikorncharoen

December 2,1982 - December 9,2007

Friday, November 18, 2011

HITZ & Lee Ki Woo

HITZ & Lee Ki Woo, u know them?
what so special about this two artist?
Let me tell ya =D

HITZ, Kpop-like boyband from Indonesia...special about this group is one of their member is originally from Korea...
the member is Lee Jeong Hoon,he's a  korean top model  =D
They have released their fist single "Yes, Yes, Yes"
I've already watched their MV...well not bad,I'm kinda enjoying their song =D

HITZ Profile:

Position: Leader, Dancer, Vocalist & Rapper
Body Height: 187 cm
Language: Indonesian – English – Chinese
History: Professional Actor, Public Figure and Model
Twitter: @IrwanHitz
Facebook: Irwan Chandra

LEE JEONG HOON (Top Korean Model)
Position: Vocalist, Rapper & Dancer
Body Height: 182 cm
Language: Korean – English
History: Professional Model & Public Figure
Twitter: @LeeJH_2107
Facebook: Lee Jeong Hoon Hitz

Position: Vocalist, Rapper & Dancer
Body Height: 184 cm
Language: English – Indonesian
History: Professional Musician & Singer, Architect
Twitter: @FerdinandHitz
Facebook: Ferdinand K. Hitz

Lee Ki Woo Profile:

Name: Lee Ki Woo
Birth date: October 23, 1981
Birthplace: South Korea
University: Dankook University
Major: Business Administration
Height: 192cm
Weight: 78kg
Blood Type: AB

Lee Ki Woo, Korean actor...special about this actor is he's the only one korean muslim artist =D
born in 23 oct 1981,age 30 years old,but lots of people say he has a babyface =D
he's one of the main cast for "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" series...they say this series is so hilarious :D
I've already watched the 1st episode,it's a great series ^_^...i want to continue to watch it but i don't have a time :(
To all k-drama fans,u should watch this series =D

U can watch it here:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Annyeong Kitty!

I've just bought a pair of new's HELLO KITTY LENS =D
diameter 16MM,violet kawaii ^_^ 

can u see the HELLO KITTY there (and jaejoong also XD)? heeehee
i'm so exited to wear this lens,i wanna see how it looks like...
so,for the first time i'm wearing this's really looks cute and also big =D

but,unfortunately my eyes don't feel really comfortable with this lens,not like other lens that i've been wearing before...
becoz the "ring" in the middle of this lens it's toooo small :(
so,when u wearing it u can feels like something is blocking ur view...huhuuuu
now i've been wearing it for several times,but i still feel the same...maybe becoz i'm still not used to it
hopefully it will be more comfortable to wear after 1 or 2 months...
but no matter what...I LOVE IT ^_^

Friday, October 28, 2011

In Heaven~

If ur loved one is died...and if u can turn back the time (before she/he die)...will u wish to die with him/her?



geuman galke..gajima..gottoraol geoya geureonikka
geojitmal, geojitmal
aniya, naega neol imankkeum saranghaneunde
geu sarang, jigeum boyeojul sun obgetni?
saranghae.. ttodasi saranghal sun obgetni
jigeum waseon malhal suga obseo
naui gijeok geumodeun ge hwansang gatta
majimak ni moseub sok seoseohi gieok sogeman
jamgyeojyeo ganeun gotman gatta
eodingaeseo nal bogo isseulkka
huhui haedo neucheobeoryeo bolsu obseo
chueogui geurimjaui chokchokhan nae nunmul dullo
geu jaril jikyeobogo isseo
geuman mothae jeongmal mothae niga nae yeophe isseulttae mankkeum
mianhande geuge andwae ijen modeun ge ttolryeowa
jogeumdo gidarida kkumsokeul hemeida (hemeida)
gyeolguk ni aneseo nuneul gameulkkabwa
gajima deo gajima nae gyeotte isseojul suneun obtni
geojitmal da geojitmal jeonhyeo dullijiga anha
saranghae neol saranghae hanmadi boyeojul suneun obtni
saranghae neol saranghae tto dasi saranghae jugetni
beolsseo ireohke do jina wasseo
naui heunjeok chatjabwado jiwo jyeosseo
majimak ni gieokdo nunmurui tteyeop sogeuro
jamgyeojyeo ganeun gotman gatta
iman kkeutnae nareul kkeutnae niga nae yeophe itji andamyeon
mianhande iman galke ije neoui gireul ttara
kkeut obtneun gireul ttara neol chaja hemeida (hemeida)
gyeoguk neoreul itgoseo seulpheoman halkkabwa
gajima deo gajima nae gyeotte isseojul suneun obtni
geojitmal da geojitmal jeonhyeo dullijiga anha
saranghae neol saranghae hanmadi boyeojul suneun obtni
saranghae neol saranghae tto dasi saranghae jugetni
gajima gajima isseojul suneun itni
geojitmal geojitmal deulijiga anha
saranghae saranghae boyeojul suneun itni
saranghae saranghae saranghae jugetni
gajima gajima isseojul suneun itni
geojitmal geojitmal deulijiga anha
saranghae saranghae boyeojul suneun itni
jebal dorawajyeo
gajima deo gajima nae gyeotte isseojul suneun obtni
geojitmal da geojitmal jeonhyeo dullijiga anha
saranghae neol saranghae hanmadi boyeojul suneun obtni
saranghae neol saranghae tto dasi saranghae jugetni


I’m going to leave now
Don’t leave
I’m going to come back so…
Liar, liar
No- don’t you know how much I love you?
Can’t you show that love to me right now?
I love you…
Can’t we love again?

As of right now, I can’t say anything
The miracle of you- it all seems like a fantasy
The last image of you seems to be locked only in my memories
I wonder if you are watching me from somewhere
Even if I regret, it’s too late- I can’t see you anymore
The tears of the shadows of my memories are watching over that place

I can’t say those words, I really can’t- as much as you were by my side
I’m sorry but I can’t- everything comes shaking back to me now
By waiting a little more, by wandering through my dreams
I’m afraid I will close my eyes inside of you

* Don’t leave, don’t leave- can’t you stay by my side?
Lies, all lies- I don’t hear anything
I love you, I love you- can’t you show me those words?
I love you, I love you- will you love me again?

Time already passed like this
I try looking for your traces but they are erased
The last memories of you are locked in the rims of my tears
Just end it, end me- if you’re not going to be next to me
I’m sorry but I’ll leave now- following your footsteps
Following the road with no end- as I wander to find you
I’m afraid I will lose you and be sad
* repeat
Don’t leave, don’t leave- can’t you stay?
Lies, lies, I don’t hear anything
I love you, I love you- can’t you show me?
Can’t you love me, love me, love me?
Don’t leave, don’t leave- can’t you stay?
Lies, lies, I don’t hear anything
I love you, I love you- can’t you show me?
Please come back
* repeat

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday!~

Happy Birthday!


~Roy Chiu Ze - 14 Oct ~

~Lee Donghae - 15 Oct~

~Andy Chen I - 16 Oct~

May God bless u guys always!~ ^_^

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I found this photo on FB yesterday...

looks familiar???

does it look similar to this photo?...

why this group keep copying suju???
even if they're suju's fans or ELF,they shouldn't do like this...
K-mon la,create your own identity and concept..
before this they as known as 24/7...but after they received so much criticism from kpop fans, especially suju fans...they change they name to MAX24:7...becoz they're trying to be a KPOP group,their style and concept is totally looks like suju,including their MV...=.=
I heard that after they changed their name to MAX24:7,they said they want to change their concept to MPOP...I thought they really gonna change their mind and will not making any controversial anymore...but after I saw that photo above,they actually still copying and trying to be like suju...(x insaf lagi rupenye dorg ni hmm =.=)
seriously they need to STOP this...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The lost of soul...

In late 2006 I started to know about them...
first time I saw their picture in a magazine...
first time I watched their music video on television...
makes me eager wanted to know more about them...
and finally, I become one of their billions fans...

Knowing them is like a drug...
Once you know about them, you want more...
Loving them is like a breathing...
You can't stop to love them...
Listen to their songs is like a food...
You will always hunger for it...
Seeing their pictures is like a vitamin...
Can't miss it even a day...
Watching their music videos is like a water...
You can't live without it...

They are the star, five of the most shining stars among of billions stars in the sky...
They are the sea, along with the red ocean..

Who are they?
They're my idol...

They never failed to make me SMILE with them
They never failed to make me LAUGHING with them
They never failed to make me CRY with them

They're my SOUL...


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nasi menangis?

Anyeong chingus!
lame betul x update blog,bz sgt2 dgn keje,smpai x sempat nk update =.=
post kali ni aku nk cite psl pengalaman aku mase kecik2 dulu...
Setiap kali aku tgk bdk2 kecik mkn x abis aku akn teringat kat pesan mama aku...
mase kecik2 dulu aku pun slalu gak mkn x abis,jd mama aku slalu pesan,dia kate "abiskan nasi tu,klau buang nnti dia nangis,kesian nasi tu"
kesian punye psl aku pun mkn la smpai abis...
then 1 ari tu aku try test nk tgk mcm mane nasi menangis,kebetulan mama aku xde dgn aku mase aku pun tinggalkn sikit nasi tu untuk dibuang,lepas buang aku duduk dkt tong smpah tu,tgk betul ke x nasi tu nangis (anak sapa la ni???)
lame jgk la aku tenung nasi tu,dlm ati aku berkate "x nangis pun nasi ni"
kihkihkih...bile dh besar barula aku paham maksud pesan mama aku tu...maksudnye JANGAN MEMBAZIR MAKANAN
Skarang ni aku tgh dok fikir,still bleh pakai lg ke klau kite ckp mcm mama aku ckp tu kt bdk2 zaman skarang?mau kena gelak dgn dorg kot kerkerker XD...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Omo! Mr. A???

I've just found this picture on AK facebook...LOL!~ it's so hilarious XD

so sexy 0.0 *Dies* 

 kyopta =D

what happen to my MR.A??? XD XD XD

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's chillex! [Part 3]

Ready for part 3?

"what a BIG BIG baby =D"

Hyung jun: "they going to shopping without inviting me???... T.T"

"no wonder ur nostril so big XD"

"just got a electric shock hyuk?" 

"forgot to shave? XD"

Jaejoong: "after u have finished eating 3 bowls of my kimchi jigae,now u say it didn't taste good???"
Changmin: (i'm dead!)

Stranger men: "Mommy i touch an angel" 
Jaejoong: (u're lucky because my hubby is not here)

Geun suk: "my bunny piggy nose~~"
"errr...isn't that belonged to Mi nam?

"Yunho Monroe??? XD"

 Yoochun: "GHOOOOSSST!!!"

"u mean this "ghost" yoochun??? XD"

Honggi: "how dare u say i look pretty because of make-up?!"

"Junsu Potter? XD"

Changmin: "do not ever took my hamtaro PJ again!"
Jaejoong: "yes Changmin hyungnim"

"yoochun try so hard to expressed his feeling XD"


Honggi: "ur face looks so white,like a stone"

"Lol!~ u should bite shindong XD"

Fangirl: "say aaaa..."
Jungmin: "aaaaaaaaaaa........"

"leave that bird alone jaejoong"

"another twilight fans? XD"

Honggi: "nobody wants to adopt me T.T"

"Omo XD XD XD"

Jaejoong: "master i don't want to eat fish,i want to eat fried chicken...pleaassee..."

Minho: "i saw a ghost last night,it was so scary"

end for part 3