Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's chillex! [Part 3]

Ready for part 3?

"what a BIG BIG baby =D"

Hyung jun: "they going to shopping without inviting me???... T.T"

"no wonder ur nostril so big XD"

"just got a electric shock hyuk?" 

"forgot to shave? XD"

Jaejoong: "after u have finished eating 3 bowls of my kimchi jigae,now u say it didn't taste good???"
Changmin: (i'm dead!)

Stranger men: "Mommy i touch an angel" 
Jaejoong: (u're lucky because my hubby is not here)

Geun suk: "my bunny piggy nose~~"
"errr...isn't that belonged to Mi nam?

"Yunho Monroe??? XD"

 Yoochun: "GHOOOOSSST!!!"

"u mean this "ghost" yoochun??? XD"

Honggi: "how dare u say i look pretty because of make-up?!"

"Junsu Potter? XD"

Changmin: "do not ever took my hamtaro PJ again!"
Jaejoong: "yes Changmin hyungnim"

"yoochun try so hard to expressed his feeling XD"


Honggi: "ur face looks so white,like a stone"

"Lol!~ u should bite shindong XD"

Fangirl: "say aaaa..."
Jungmin: "aaaaaaaaaaa........"

"leave that bird alone jaejoong"

"another twilight fans? XD"

Honggi: "nobody wants to adopt me T.T"

"Omo XD XD XD"

Jaejoong: "master i don't want to eat fish,i want to eat fried chicken...pleaassee..."

Minho: "i saw a ghost last night,it was so scary"

end for part 3

Monday, June 20, 2011

Let's chillex! [Part 2]

Part 2 

"siwon with his another twin brother"


Yunho: "someone has steal my apple printed underwear!" 

"like father like son"

"isn't that glass to "SMALL" for u hyuk?"

"well,it's prove that they are brothers"  

"someone get killed by posters"

"can someone tell me what exactly happen here???"

"what a unique style to tie on shoes XD" 

Yesung: "give me that money, or i'll shoot u!"

Jaejoong: "yayy! mommy bought me a new teddy bear"
Me: "new teddy bear???...but,what happened to ur yunnie bear???"

"errr...changmin I think u have entered the wrong group"

"do u need a hand heenim? XD"

"yeah leave him alone yesung,or heenim will eat u alive"

Minho: "mommy they took my ice cream wuuuhuuhuu...T.T" 

" HO MY GOD! what are they doing??? XD"

want more?
wait for the part 3 ^_^

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let's chillex! [Part 1]

Ready for something unusual?

"who are they???"


"Jaejoong: I can flyyyyyy...."

"smell something fishy???"


"who are u???"

"oh my god sun!!!"

"the dolphinator turn to a zombie???"


"don't know which one to choose?"

"what so funny about yunho's face???"

"somebody please adopt this kid"

"he doesn't have a home T.T"

 "he sleep everywhere T.T"

"Geum jaejin???"

"what the....???"

"the real musician XD"

"siwon with his identical twin brother XD"

"what kind of pose is that???"


To be continued...