Monday, April 2, 2012

Yeoja or Namja?

At first i saw this picture, i was like "whoa she's so pretty"
but a few second after that, i just knew that ''she'' is actually a BOY
Gosh!~ how a boy can be soooo pretty and cute like a girl??? 0.0
He's name is Choi Min Ki a.k.a Ren,he's one of the member for new boy band called NU'EST...he become my new addiction now...huhuhu
not just me,everyone who saw his picture thought he was a girl and thought there's a girl member in that group...netizens question about his actual gender...lots of fanboy "falling" for him,and some of them also said, "he's actually a girl who pretend to be a boy"!~

Name : Choi Min Ki
Stage Name : Ren | Len
Birth Date : 3rd November 1995
Weight : 56kg
Height : 179cm
Position : Maknae , Mood Maker
Facts : Featured and back up dancer of After School Blue’s Wonder Boy with other 

NU'EST has been released their debut single "FACE". very cool song...
i'm totally addicted to this song ^_^

Listen to Ren's voice...even his voice are so cute ^_^

Angel ^-^


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  1. hahahaha.... same as me..
    "he" always have a face of an angel... hahahah...
    love REn...!!!
    LOVE HIM..!!!!