Monday, June 20, 2011

Let's chillex! [Part 2]

Part 2 

"siwon with his another twin brother"


Yunho: "someone has steal my apple printed underwear!" 

"like father like son"

"isn't that glass to "SMALL" for u hyuk?"

"well,it's prove that they are brothers"  

"someone get killed by posters"

"can someone tell me what exactly happen here???"

"what a unique style to tie on shoes XD" 

Yesung: "give me that money, or i'll shoot u!"

Jaejoong: "yayy! mommy bought me a new teddy bear"
Me: "new teddy bear???...but,what happened to ur yunnie bear???"

"errr...changmin I think u have entered the wrong group"

"do u need a hand heenim? XD"

"yeah leave him alone yesung,or heenim will eat u alive"

Minho: "mommy they took my ice cream wuuuhuuhuu...T.T" 

" HO MY GOD! what are they doing??? XD"

want more?
wait for the part 3 ^_^

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